Triple Bunk Beds for Kids

I call top bunk! Bunk beds always lead to sleepover fun for kids and great memories. They’re also great option to consider when trying to optimize floor space in a bedroom. If you have several kids or have a lot of sleep overs, triple bunk beds for kids are a great option. At we have a huge selection of triple bunk beds at the best prices.

When considering triple bunk beds for kids you have several options. The first would be a standard bunk bed with a trundle underneath. A trundle is simply a roll out bed that fits underneath the bottom bunk giving you a third bed when needed. They come in handy if the third bed isn’t always needed as you can simply slide it back underneath giving you additional floor space.

If you use all three beds in the room everyday you may want to consider a standard bunk bed with either an additional standard bunk bed or a loft bed. Adding a loft bed as a second bed is great a option as you can place storage, a futon or a desk underneath the loft giving you some extra versatility.

Your final option is to consider a traditional triple bunk bed as seen in the picture to the right. They offer the best of all features including space for three people to sleep and additional storage under the middle bunk. They are all great options and it comes down to personal preference as well as the size and layout of your bedroom. No matter which option you choose, your kids are going to love you. We have to prewarn you though, you might be breaking up some pillow fights!

When considering a bed make sure to take a look at the dimensions of the bed which are listed in all of our product description. Take a tape measure and map out how the beds will fit in the room before purchasing. We suggest you have a minimum of two feet of clearance between the top bunk and the ceiling of the bedroom. Don’t forget to take into consideration the width of the trundle or storage stores when they are pulled out while measuring.

Head over to the shop and start viewing our huge selection of triple bunk beds for kids. If you have any questions on any of our products make sure to email us or give our expert support staff a call. Happy shopping!

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