Low Height Bunk Beds

At BunkBedDeals.com we offer a large selection of low height bunk beds for low ceiling rooms. The following are some good tips to follow before choosing which bunk bed you want to buy. 

A lot of the time people will measure the dimensions of a room to map out how a bunk bed or piece of furniture will fit but they forget to measure the ceiling height. We offer a number of low height bunk beds specifically designed for low ceilings. When measuring, we suggest you have a minimum of two feet of clearance from the top of a bunk bed and the ceiling to prevent bumping the ceiling with your head in middle of the night. All of our bunk beds will list their dimensions in the product description. Most of our beds are five to six feet tall which means most 8 foot ceiling will give you the ample room that you need.

Consider the following:

     1.  Full height of the bed. 
     2.  Height from the level of the mattress.
     3.  Height of the person who will use the top bunk.


7 Foot Ceilings

In a room with 7 foot ceilings, the maxiumum height you will probably want to go with is 60 inches. Otherwise it may be difficult to climb into the top bunk and you may bump your head more often than you like. We have a nice selection of bunk beds between 50-60 inches. 

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Low Height Bunk Bed

8 Foot Ceilings

In a room with 8 foot ceilings, you will probably want to go with a bed under 72 inches. Fortunately, most of our bunk beds fall into this category.  All of our beds in the regular and low height category will fit in a room with an 8 foot ceiling. You'll still want to consider matress height and your height.

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Regular Height Bunk Bed


You also want to consider the width and length of our bunk beds and furniture. Simply take a tape measure and some string and map out how the bunk bed you’re looking at will fit in your room. This will save you the headache of receiving a bunk bed that doesn’t fit well in your bedroom. Don’t forget to to add in the width of the trundle or storage drawers if your bed has these features.

More Useful Tips to Consider

  • Don’t forget about additional space for sleepovers. Trundles, a roll out bed that slide out from the bottom bunk, are a great option for quick additional space.
  • Take into consideration the overall shape of the bedroom. For larger rooms you may want to consider dual loft beds with storage space underneath or an area for  desks.
  • Choose the right size of beds. If you’re you or your kids are used to sleeping on a full mattress, purchase a full over full bunk bed.
  • If the beds are for a spare bedroom consider the age of the people who will be sleeping on the bunks. Some stairs are easier to climb than others.
  • If you need additional storage in a bedroom consider storage drawers underneath the bottom bunk or additional storage under the stairs.


No matter the type of bunk bed you’re looking for, we have have a solution. If you have any questions about low height bunk beds or any of our other beds make sure to send us an email or give our expert support staff a call. Happy shopping!

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