Adult Bunk Beds

No matter what age you are, we all can appreciate a good nights rest. Most people think of bunk beds as being for kids or college students, but we offer a wide range of chic and swanky loft and bunk beds for adults.

Whether you live in a small urban condo or a large house, utilizing floor space is always an important element when it comes to design and decorating. An adult bunk bed is a great solution whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or are looking for a small office in your home or condo. We also receive a lot of request from customers who want bunk beds that fit adults for cabins or hunting lodges. No matter what you’re need is, we have a solution.

Almost all of our bunk beds will fit adults as they fit standard size mattresses. If you are used to sleeping on a full bed then take a look at our full over full bunk beds or our full lofts.  We offer a lot of different options when considering a bunk bed. Lets take a look at some of the different features and styles of adult bunk beds.

Adult Bunk Beds

We offer a wide selection adult bunk beds whether you looking for a standard bunk or a more modern bunk bed. Bunk beds are perfect solution when you’re simply looking for more sleep space and storage. You have several options when choosing a bunk bed.

First you need to ask if you’re purely looking for sleep space or would like some additional storage. Our standard bunk beds will sleep two people comfortably. You have the option of including a a third bed, called a trundle, or additional storage under the bottom bed.

You also have to consider the age of the people who will be using the bunk beds. Some of our bunk beds offer stairways rather than a ladder which can be easier for older people to get to the top bunk.

Finally you have to consider your finish. We offer wood bunk beds as well as metal. Both options are sturdy and efficient and it comes down to what you prefer visually.

Adult Loft Beds

A loft is another great option for adults who live in a smaller apartment or studio. We also have a lot of clients who use them in a second bedroom with a desk underneath as an office. This allows you to utilize a room as an office yet have space for company when they come visit. With an adult loft bed you can place a full desk, futon or additional space underneath. We offer adult loft beds in a number of style both wood and metal, and once again it come down to personal preference.

While your browsing our shop make sure to look at the dimensions of our adult bunk and loft beds and map them out in your bedroom. If you have any questions please email or call our expert support staff. We are glad to answer your questions and help give you some ideas.

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