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Choosing the right kind of bunk bed for your family can be tricky, especially if you’re looking to save money without compromising style and design. At, you truly can have it all when you make a selection from our extensive collection of quality metal bunk beds.

The advantage of choosing metal bunk beds for kids (aside from the significant cost savings over a wooden bunk bed) is the availability of clean, modern designs in colors that would look less appealing on wood—such as fire engine red, deep royal blue, light grey, and bright yellow. We also offer combination wood and metal bunk beds, as well as multi-color bunk beds for those with a more adventurous color palette.

All our metal bunk beds are made with maximum durability in mind, and are finished with chip-resistant, non-toxic, lead-free paint—so your children can rest easy and play hard without you worrying about any hidden danger to your family’s health. With our fast shipping and excellent customer service, you can count on the quick arrival of your purchase, as well as full customer support should you have any issues. Our beds are quick and easy to assemble.

We offer the full array of bunk beds to suit your family’s needs and sense of style. For families with young children close in age and size, we carry a large selection of twin over twin metal bunk beds to choose from. With both beds equal in size, no child can be resentful of unequal treatment, which should at least reduce tension and promote a sense of fairness and peace in the household.

For children farther apart in age and size who prefer the look of metal bunk beds, twin over full is probably the best option. That way, the larger sibling can get the room they need to sleep while the younger one can enjoy a minimum level of privacy at the top of the bunk. We also have full over full metal bunk beds to accommodate kids who are too big for twin size beds, so you can be confident that any bunk bed you choose will always be versatile enough to accommodate the size and space needs of your family. 

Many of our bunk beds also come with neat space-saving features that the whole family will love. Need an extra bed to accommodate your daughter’s sleepover guest? How about a bunk bed with trundle so you can provide another bed only when the situation demands it? Maybe there isn’t enough closet space, and your children have more clothes and toys than their dresser can handle. Our bunk beds with built-in drawers can handle all your children’s extra clothes and toys without you having to spend money on extra furniture.

At, we value our reputation as America’s preferred dealer of quality bunk beds. If you’re looking for the perfect bunk bed for your family without breaking your budget, call us now at 1-800-431-3997—and see why America’s families trust for unrivalled quality and value.             

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