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For those renters and homeowners looking to make the most of their living and sleeping space, the futon bunk bed is a fantastic solution.  These innovative home furnishing options come in a wide variety of colors and styles suitable for any taste and arrangement, and as they increase in popularity, more innovative and attractive designs are finding their way onto the market.  This means greater application and choice for the unique space requirements of consumers.

In urban settings, where space is always at an expensive premium, an affordable futon bunk bed could be the perfect addition to a studio apartment.  They are also a great solution for the notoriously small “second” bedrooms that are common in city dwellings.  Because they are easy to assemble and rearrange, they offer maximum flexibility when it comes to working within the limitations of the various apartment layouts.

Suburban homeowners often use futon bunk beds for kids to make the most of smaller two bedrooms homes.  By purchasing and placing one in their children’s bedroom, they are able to turn the space into a night and day sleep and play room in which the kids can safely enjoy the autonomy of their own personal space.  The increased utility provided by these 2-for-1 beds allows for better organization and toy management.

College students appreciate the way form meets function in these all-in-one living solutions.  Considering the many uses that their dorm rooms serve, it’s not surprising that they prefer the futon bunk beds with built-in desks.  These multi-purpose fixtures quickly convert from resting to studying, maximizing and organizing the square footage for ultimate usage.  Parents can find solace in the fact that they are doing everything that they can to provide the most conducive learning space available (regardless of what actually happens in the dorm rooms).  

For those parents with new college graduates moving out of the house, futon bunk beds are a great option for turning their newly-found guest rooms into a more functional space.  They are able to use the rooms for office or hobby space during the week, and quickly convert them back to sleeping quarters should their newly-out-of-the-nest children return for a visit (and a few free meals).

As mentioned earlier, the market for futon bunk beds has been steadily growing, pushing the aesthetics of these furniture alternatives to new levels of sophistication and design.  Whether you are searching for wood bunk beds or one made of metal, there is bound to be a model out there to suit your tastes and purposes.  While most consist of an upper and low bed, there are a wide variety of configurations available.  Ultimately, the type of bed that you purchase for your family will depend on the space and the intended use of the furniture.  

If you are considering a futon bunk bed, shop through our wide selection and let us help you find the perfect space-saving solution for your apartment, dorm room or home.


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