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When your home is already filled with children and space is limited, selecting the right kind of bunk bed can make the difference in making enough room for an occasional visitor or sleepover guest. When you choose from our selection of bunk beds with trundle, your child can host the occasional sleepover guest so nobody has to couch surf.

Bunk beds with trundle beds are extremely versatile, and can accommodate an extra guest only when necessary. Space is a precious commodity when your home is full of people, but that doesn’t mean your family can’t have overnight visitors over without sacrificing your living room. When you select a bunk bed with a built-in trundle bed, you will always have enough room for that extra guest.

Another advantage of having a bunk bed with a trundle bed is that now, your child can invite a friend for a sleepover. Having enough space to roll around in their own bed is important to a child, especially if he or she already has to share a room. The versatility of a trundle means that you can offer your guest a real bed instead of a couch, and the guest won’t have to share a bed with your children.

Our bunk beds come in many styles, finishes, and colors, and are made with the highest quality materials for maximum durability and easy assembly. Our wooden bunk beds come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including oak, maple, walnut, white, cherry, and pine. Our metal bunk beds also come with a variety of designs and colors, such as bright blue, red, pink, grey, black, white, and even combination wood and metal!

But our styles of bunk beds don’t end there. Perhaps what you need is a way to accommodate an extra guest and get more drawer and dresser space than you already have. At BunkBedDeals.com, we have you covered because we offer bunk beds with trundle and drawers. Now, you can store your child’s toys or clothes and offer an extra bed to a guest without losing any precious space.

If your child is too young to be comfortable climbing a ladder but is just old enough to invite a school friend for a sleepover, we also offer a good selection of bunk beds with trundle and stairs. That way, your child can offer his or her overnight guest a real bed, while the built-in stairs can give your child a surer climb to the top. Or perhaps your child is particular about style, and they hope to impress their guest with a neat looking bunk bed. Either way, your child can accommodate their friend without sacrificing their sense of style and their individuality.

At BunkBedDeals.com, we pride ourselves in offering the largest selection of bunk beds and loft beds while providing the best customer service. If you’re looking for the kind of bunk bed that’s right for your family and budget, call us now at 1-800-431-3997—and see why America’s families prefer BunkBedDeals.com to the competition.          

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